create a legacy

Forest Education Project

Create a legacy and have a lasting impact!

Implementing a forest education project is a unique way for the Regenerate leadership team to share the knowledge, experience and inspiration gained with your school & community.

Inside Education will support your passion…

for innovative solutions and give you the tools you need to share it with your school, community, province (or country!) by developing and implementing your very own Forest Education Project. We’ll brainstorm with your team, work with you throughout the Summit, connect you with experts and potential speakers, and we would be happy to join the event itself. Your team may have an idea in mind (if so, please include the details in the application form!) or you may use the Summit to start growing ideas.

Project possibilities are limitless! Here are some ideas:

  • Get your boots on the ground and organize a field trip for your class (or grade) to visit a local forest and learn first hand about local forestry practices.
  • Work with your favorite Regenerate experts and host an forest education day for your school
  • Implement a “green design” competition to see what your school can create using wood and wood products
  • Create your own forest presentation and visit a nearby junior high or elementary school to share all about Alberta’s forests
  • Create an awareness campaign to boost environmental literacy and stewardship in your school
  • Any other creative ideas you may have!

Want to bounce an idea off an Inside Education staff?

Feel free to reach out to us to discuss any projects ideas you may have.